Harbor Judo Dojo was established in January 1973 by Mr. James Kamimura and Mr. Kenji Honbo to serve the needs of the youths within the community of Harbor City, Torrance, San Pedro and Palos Verdes and to also provide Dojo representation for these areas in the Nanka Judo Yudanshakai. Throughout the many years of effort and leadership, Harbor Judo Dojo was able to attract sincere and dedicated instructors beginning with our first head instructor, Mr. M. Kumamoto, succeeded by Mr. Minoru Tabata, Mr. Toshiyuki Seino, Mr. Hiroaki Aoki and Mr. Gus Hanaoka with Mr. Gary Takemoto serving as our head instructor from 1986 to present.

Today, Harbor Judo Dojo continues to serve, participate and actively promote the activities of Judo within the Judo community and is a contributing member of the Nanka Judo Yudanshakai and Nanka Rengo Fukei-kai

Organization of Harbor Judo Dojo

Harbor Judo Dojo is composed of the members who join us in learning and promoting judo. One of the most important actions of the voting members is the election of officers to serve each year. The officers also serve on the Board of Directors of Harbor Judo Dojo, Inc. Through the generous donation of time and effort by the parents, officers, and especially by the head instructor, assistant instructors and coaches, Harbor Dojo functions as a non-profit educational organization. The head instructor of Harbor Judo is Mr. Gary Takemoto. The head instructor appoints the assistant instructor(s), coaches and assistant coaches and they serve at his discretion.